Being a part of the "Altar Care Team" is great for people wanting to engage in the spiritual practice of "Serving" who also need a flexible schedule.  Essentially, the Alter Care Team helps to maintain and prepare the sanctuary for worship.  Learn More about this ministry or contact our Melissa, to begin your service on this team.
The "Audio Visual Ministry Team" serves worship at Vinje by operating the sound board and video display during Sunday services.  This team helps the congregation to hear the good news of God's love clearly and to see God's love in new ways (Literally!)  Learn More about this ministry or contact Paul Nordin to begin your service on this team.
Communion Servers prepare the bread and wine for distribution prior to each Sunday service and then assist the pastors in giving communion to the congregation during the service.  It is a powerful spiritual practice to remind others that "This is the body and blood of Christ given and shed for you." Learn More about being a communion server or contact Melissa, to begin your service.
A "Lector" is a fancy word for "READER".  We need a variety of voices to read the scriptures each Sunday...Young Voices, Old Voices, Struggling Voices, Happy Voices, Male Voices, and Female Voices.  Contact Melissa, to schedule a time to read. 
"Greeters" offer a ministry of HOSPITALITY as they welcome people gathering for worship just as Jesus welcomed people into his midst.  This ministry is great for those wanting to get to know the Vinje members. We ask for a minimum of two greeters to stand at the West (Main) doors 20 minutes prior to the service.  Families are welcome! Greeters have a simple yet important ministry.  They get to say, “good morning” as people arrive. 
We also ask that greeters help respond to the needs of any person as they come up…this could include
helping people find the restroom/coat rack or assisting persons in wheel chairs.  Greeters can also check if someone is sitting alone during coffee time and greet the person or sit down to visit.   Learn More about this ministry or contact Melissa.
Ushers offer assistance to the congregation during worship by handing out bulletins, showing people the way to communion and other acts of service.  Learn More about this ministry or contact Melissa to begin your service.