If you are a parent of a child (birth through 5th grade) this is the spot to find all you need to know about upcoming events, schedules, ect.  

Parents, the information on this page is not just for your kids....ITS ALSO FOR YOU!!!  When it comes to faith formation you as parents play a far more important role then you often think.  Therefore we want to work with you...empower you...to help your kids develop faith in your home.

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Faith Formation
"Sunday School"  Sunday School is offered every Sunday for Grades Pre K - Fifth grade. We gather for opening in Room  102 each Sunday. 

Singing is a spiritual practice that helps us go deeper into what our faith means for our life.  It is never too early to join this practice.  Vinje has several different choirs for children.

Little Saints Choir is for children k-2nd grad
  • Little Saints Schedule TBD 
Joyful Kids Choir is for children in 3rd - 5th grade
  • Joyful Kids Schedule TBD
CAMP, CAMP, CAMP, YES we love and support our summer camps.  Camp is a great opportunity for children and families to make new friends and grow in faith all while in an outdoor setting.  

Here are some camp essentials for Summer Camp!